hi i'm noah and i'm just another fucked up depressed kid.

Anonymous: I dare you to send 3 anon question to ur tumblr crush. 

what should I do that for though?

Anonymous: selfie? please<3 

uh ok.

Anonymous: Can you post a selfie? 

not right now. i look terrible. maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous: Will u be my tumblr bæ 😂 


Anonymous: I would give a fuck if u died. 

i really appreciate that. thank you. 

Anonymous: How old are you? 


This post goes out to everybody who sent me a cute message.

I love you all, and I’m so thankful for each and every message you received. I didn’t expect this and I didn’t thank you guys for caring so you’d write me again, not at all. I’m not an attention seeker if that’s what some of you may thing. I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to die, and the past days were undoubtedly the most horrible ones of my life. I feel like I’ve only destroyed myself a bit more and I still don’t know how to cope with anything. But anyway, knowing that you guys actually took the time to send me something when I needed it the most means more to me than you could ever possibly imagine. I wish I didn’t have to return, but now that I did I’m glad to see that there are people that care, and I apologize for ever saying nobody cares about me. I care about you guys, too, and I’d be more than pleased if you reached out to me whenever you need somebody to talk to. 

Thanks to the few people who cared about me and my depression. I appreciate every single one of you and I am so thankful. You’re truly wonderful and you made me stronger but I’m just not strong enough. You’re all perfect. ♥